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My name is Jacob.
I'm a Senior in highschool and in the marching band.

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  1. reallymang:

when you finally get the suck


    when you finally get the suck

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  3. hoodpunk1993:

    Her: can we snuggle?

    Me: uh sure

    Her: *puts ass on my dick*

    Me: *trys very very hard to focus on not getting a boner*

    Her: *wiggles*

    Me: *extreme boner*

    I’m tryna have this happen. 

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  5. Anonymous said: Why do you only date black women?


    they pussy juice is the fountain of youth

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  7. thegirlwithcaramelskin:

    When the chick in a porn looks like someone you know…

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  9. king-emare:

    Black women look like gold in the summertime.

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  11. anti-keiara:

    So true

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    • House phone: *rings*
    • Me: nah
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  14. I just want someone real nasty and real loyal.

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  16. canarylex:


    God is real.

    Bruh said God is real.
    S/O to you, this made my night.

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  18. soggymoistbread2:

    im the guy at the party that sits on the couch observing everything

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